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The best apps to finally get it together in 2018

Alright, alright. It's finally 2018 and you want to make this year, your year. Other than reading a bunch of books and listening to a bunch of podcasts, we also need some apps to give us a head start. 

We're stuck to our phones anyways so why not make it work for us? Below I have a list of helpful apps to make it a little easier to reach our goals this year. Keep in mind this is just the beginning of a long and epic list, come back to this page every once in a while as I'll keep it updated with new apps I discover throughout this year. 

Below you can find apps that will help you meditate, drink more water, read more books, and smash those goals of yours. Let's get started! 

Libby,by overdrive


Libby is the best app I've ever installed this past year. It has seriously pushed me to reading more books and discovering new titles. And has made me more excited to start a new chapter each day. Libby is basically your local library. It syncs up to your library card and your local library to enable you to borrow books. You can also put books on hold and Libby will notify you when the books are available to be taken out. There are a wide variety of books and audio books, and it seems to be adding new books each week. Libby is like having your very own Kindle, except without the fees or the new device. 

Ios          Android

Headspace: Guided Meditation

FREE-With a monthly subscription

If you're looking to get into meditation then headspace is for you. They have guided audio clips telling you what to do and how to breathe. You are also able to choose how long you want each session to be, from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. With the paid subscription you have a wide choice of different types of meditation. The kinds range from just simple breathing to ones that help you de-stress, refocus, and take control of overwhelming situations. Headspace does start out with a basics session that introduces meditation and mindfulness techniques. 

Ios         Android



After discovering this app I can't live without it. If you're like me and listening to the sound of rain soothes you to sleep than this app is for you. The sounds are divided up into different categories, such as nature, beach, city etc. And you are able to customize and add your own sounds. There are a variety of different sounds to choose from and the interface is easy to navigate and use. You can also set the sounds on a timer if you don't want it to keep playing all night. 

Ios            Android

Simple Habit Meditation

Free-Subscription Plan 

Simple Habit is another meditation app that I have been using that has a bit more guided meditation than Headspace. The interface is simple to use and their meditation is divided up into categories that help you sharpen your focus, reduce stress, and sleep better. 

Ios              Android

Blue Mail-Email Mailbox


I'm just starting to get into this app and so far its taken half the time for me to organize my mail. If you have a tendency to skim over emails, not read them, and then forget about them afterwards, then please download this app. The feature that I use most often is the ability to organize mail through swiping left or right. Bluemail gives you the option to customize what options/tools appear whether you swipe left to delete, mark as read, or move the email to a folder or swipe right to add to it to a tasklist. It definitely clears up my emails and organize them into the right folders in no time 

Ios               Android

Wunderlist-To do


I love this to-do list, it's easy to organize your tasks into folders, whether it be personal or professional. You can set your own theme too (mines of a cute little dog), and it's sooo satisfying when I finally check off something from my to-do list. I feel so accomplished! The best feature of Wunderlist is the fact that it syncs with all  your devices. There's a PC version, as well as a mobile version. If you add a task to one thing, it'll automatically sync up across all your devices. So you don't have to re-add the same task twice or three times. And you can keep one to-do list everywhere instead of downloading a whole bunch of them. 


Habitica: Gamify your Tasks


In 2018 I've definitely made some habits that I would like to keep and continue them. For example I want to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and meditate daily.

 Now we all know how hard it is to keep habits let alone create them. In comes in Habitica, not only does it track your habits, it also has a to-do list. The difference of Habitica to other habit trackers is the way it's designed. It's like a mini RPG game, you're even able to create your own avatar and buy equipment for it! The simple interface is easy to use and it has a PC version too. The habits are simple to keep track of, if you kept up with your habits, you click on the +, if you failed, the minus sign. Each habit you are able to continue, the more rewards and experience you get. And with enough experience, you level up! How cool is that? 

Website         Ios        Android

Lumosity: Brain Training 

Free-Subscription Plans

Everyone wants to get smarter and better, right? But how do you do it, read more books, exercise more? Well those things might help, there's another tool that you can use.  Let me introduce you to Lumosity. It's a fun way to practice your focus, memory, and language skills. Now don't be fooled by the games, some of them are hard to master. The way Lumosity is set up is a proven science that you can read more about on their website. Each game trains your brain on skills like speed, memory, language, math, problem-solving, and flexibility. So if you want to get better at say, retaining memory? Lumosity can help you with that. 

Website         Android

Podcast Addict


The title of this app says it all. It's a place to store all your podcasts or discover new ones. This year one of my goals is to listen to more podcasts in business and well-being. Now the topic of which podcasts to listen to is a whole other post but I find that this app has it all. Not only is it just catered to podcasts but also radio stations. And it's not just local radio stations, you can search for a variety of different stations based on keywords. You can also search podcasts by trending popularity or search your own and filter it by recent releases or popularity. The best feature of this app is that it's completely free, no subscription or huge ads blocking the way.  Honestly this app has been a game changer for me, not only with podcasts but also discovering new songs and stations.  It's a must-have app if you want to discover more great content out there. 




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