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The worst thing that can happen to me is not being able to fall asleep. 

When I can't fall asleep, I toss and turn and wonder how many hours of sleep I will get if I fall asleep right now.  And then continue to keep tossing and turning for another hour or so. Honestly, I hate it. I hate lying there staring up at the ceiling and not being able to shut my mind up! 

I always had trouble sleeping, falling asleep, and staying asleep. I'm somewhat of a light sleeper so its easy for me to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and worst case scenario, having to lie there for another 30 minutes before falling back asleep again. I also wake up frequently during the night which can be a hassle sometimes. 

Now I've searched far and wide for the best way to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up less frequently during the night. And I think I found the best solution there is. 

It doesn't take long, just a few minutes before bed and it completely relaxes me and puts me in the mood to lie down and drift off to dreamland.  

I have a few solutions that work for me, you can use all of them or just one and see if it works for you. If it does, let me know what you think! 

Ready to get a good nights rest? Keep reading for the solutions: 

Be Grateful! 

I'm not talking about getting down on your knees and praying for a good nights sleep, though if you want you can definitely try that. I mean taking what happened during the day and just listing out what went right. Focusing on the positive things and maybe giving yourself some compliments on how well you've done. 

There are two ways you can start being grateful. At the end of the day write down three things that you are grateful for. Tiny wins, small things that made you smile, the dinner you had that night and how delicious it was. Whatever made you happy and warm. 

I am grateful for _______________

I am grateful for _______________

I am grateful for _______________

The second way is to write down one thing that you're grateful for and then list out three reasons why you're grateful for it. 

I am grateful for _______________. And here's three reasons why: 

1. ______________

2. ______________

3. ______________

Studies have shown that expressing gratitude has a major impact on reducing stress and calming the mind. As we get into bed we are either thinking of what tomorrow brings or the things we didn't get done that day. This increases anxiety and stress which in turn tenses our bodies, making it harder to relax and get to sleep. 

If you need a bit of a push like me, and need something a little more concrete to help you become grateful I recommend this journal.  

BONUS: Not only does being grateful relax your mind and body but meditation helps too. I've been using this app that I wrote about in my previous post and it has been working wonders! I sleep like a baby and don't wake up until the sun comes out. 


A good nights sleep is needed for our brain to maintain a healthy focus and living. If you're anything like me, a good nights rest will prevent you from turning into a grumbling zombie. 

I love sleep and I would do anything to maintain my beauty sleep and if possible, stay in bed longer. 

If you have trouble sleeping try the things above and let me know what you think down below! If you found your own secret technique of falling asleep, care to share it with us? 



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