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About us


My name is Pamela, I started Lovestruck back in 2010. I wanted a place to get unique looking pieces that can't be found anywhere else. I wanted to make people feel that they can express themselves through the jewellery they buy. This website is about you, what you want to show the world. The types of necklaces, rings or bracelets that would bring out the best in you and help you express yourself. It's hard to find something that's different than what everyone is already wearing. Of course, everyone is different, you're different and it shouldn't be a huge problem to find something that can help you show why you're different and proud of it. This site is for the unique and extraordinary girl who likes to think outside the box and step out of line once in a while. 

This didn't come without struggles though, I was balancing school and work, Lovestruck was a side project for me but was getting swept under the rug. I didn't have the time to dedicate to what I really wanted to do. When I did have time I struggled with balancing the stress and the new experience that came with owning a company. Now I am proud to what Lovestruck is, I have fallen and gotten back up and learned from the obstacles I faced, I wouldn't have it any other way as I believe that has helped me shape Lovestruck into what it is today. 

Our goal is to make jewellery that fit the extraordinary, pieces that make you feel confident for who you are and not just any kind of jewellery you can find anywhere else. These are unique statements that will make you stand out!


P.S You might have noticed a lot of Cat accessories on the site..but to be honest I'm more of a dog person :P 



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